lunedì 18 gennaio 2010

For Sale - Ford Coupe 1941

Custom from the 50th
Chopped, shaved, cleaned, 4" TopChop, 4" dropped DAGO I-Beam Axle Original Rearend with 4" Lowering-Blocks
302 Ford V8 MotorFord C4 Automatik transmission, Wide Whites on Steel Rims, Fender skirts & Original Radio, nice new Interior in white Tuck`N`Rollnice rebuild original Steering wheel.
Paintjob has to be done and some electrical Wiring for Turnsignals, Horn, Breaklight..... to get a Registration.
Car is sold with US Title and Custom-Papers.Motor, Trans, Breaks, Suspension... are working fine; Car is in running condition!!!! Price: 15.000 euro
Alex 0049/163-8642087

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