martedì 19 febbraio 2013

For Sale: Triumph 1954 Bobber

1954 6t (thunderbird) rare model for this year: The only one with rigid frame and long primary cover. Everything is completely rebuild in the engine, new pistons (high compression) new rings, it's the original iron bottom engine with 1969 boneville aluminium head with dual carb... Carbs are amal 30mm brand new. New gaskets for everything. The front end is completely rebuild also, front bars(new) new sealings. All the chrome is recently done, new white leather seat and ppad (I still have the black one). The magneto( lucas competition) has been rebuild as well and added a Lucas autoadvance. Added also an electronic condenser to drive without battery and it gives always the same power to the lights. Rare parts: Bates headlight, Webco front end covers, stellings and hellings handlebars, rear light (50's airplane), wassel old tank, webco pipes...etc etc

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